Looking for an Investor?

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Smart matchmaking!
There is a perfect investor for your startup, our goal at Viable is to help you find it. A correct match is often times the crucial point that allows for a startup to survive and move successfully from one investment round to the next.
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Quick and painless!
Viable Report reduces the pain and time of the whole investment process by allowing you to share the information about your startup in a few minutes thanks to our smart and intuitive methodology.
You are in control!
Viable Report functions as a free channel for you to make a first approach with investors. Viable does not share your information for commercial purposes, we are commited to safeguard the confidentiality of your startup.
Global world, global opportunities!
Your geographical location should not stop you from reaching investors or community builders (incubators, accelerators and events) that may be kilometers away but potentially interested in your startup. Viable is your international connection provider.

Jaime CEO

Computer Engineer

Restless globetrotter and Sunday surfer

Manuel CDO

Communication Designer

Sports aficionado and Guitar effects pedal collector

José CTO

Computer Engineer

Father of two kids and Sci-fi books junkie
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